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Open design creates better experiences

Red Hatters believe in transparency, collaboration, and inclusion. These principles aren’t just for creating technology — they shape how we design, too.

Open design is built on collaboration.

It's a conversation between diverse voices. It's about listening to what our community needs, taking that feedback, and creating systems that work together, across teams and contexts.

Open design creates helpful and accessible experiences for real people.

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By designing our enterprise products in the open, we give our customers and partners the opportunity to directly shape the product experiences they use.

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Paul Lightfoot

Global Director, User Experience Design

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Inclusivity, open exchange of ideas, and collaboration are the foundations of innovative design and are essential to creating a Red Hat branded experience.

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Jessica Cox

Director, Design, Brand + Creative

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Open design practices connect and align our many teams working together to build a unified experience for Red Hat.

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Rob Chappell

Director, Digital User Experience

Open design means flexible systems, built for change.

Brand standards

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Red Hat Brand Standards

Our brand is the source for our identity, governing all of our experiences. Standards are a vital baseline, changing and evolving for what's next.

Visit our brand standards

Digital design system

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Red Hat Digital Design System

Our digital design system contains tools, guides, and examples for building unified, consistent experiences. It's the foundation of our digital UX.

Visit our digital design system

Product design system

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PatternFly Product Design System

Our open source product design system provides resources for building scalable enterprise applications, from documentation and components to code examples and tutorials.

Visit our product design system

Open Studio Community

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Open Studio Community

A collaborative rooted in open source, our Open Studio Community is a group of all creatives inside (and some outside) of Red Hat—sharing, teaching, and creating together.

Visit our community

Open design needs many voices. Join us.

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Brand and creative

We create Red Hat's visual identity so that people can easily recognize and connect with Red Hat's brand.

We are graphic designers, art directors, animators, and filmmakers.

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Digital design

We create Red Hat's digital presence so that users have easy access to information, support, and services.

We are UX designers, researchers, producers, and front-end developers.

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Product design

We create Red Hat's product interfaces so that users can intuitively navigate and understand our products.

We are researchers, interaction designers, visual designers, content designers, and front-end developers.