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Ann Nguyen

Associate Product Designer / San Francisco, CA


What is your role and what team do you work on?

I am an Associate Product Designer for CXD design team.

How do you get inspired first thing in the morning?

I practice a morning routine to get started; pretty basic: make bed, drink a glass of water, walk the dogs, make coffee, and do breathing exercises. This really helps clear any stress or wavering thoughts I may have.

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This 404 page is intended for Customer Portal use, we wanted to make the 404 page fun and witty while also making it easy to navigate away from.

What makes designing at Red Hat unique?

I’m very new to the design world so this is all very unique to me! Red Hat has so many products and avenues to share their product information so finding patterns and creating consistency throughout the platform is uniquely challenging.

How are you incorporating open source principles into your designs or design processes?

I consider myself to be transparent when it comes to sharing my design and gathering feedback. I share my Figma file with my team as soon as I create it, allowing others to edit the design or add feedback directly on the design whenever it is necessary.

Ann Nguyen

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It is important to understand how your design will work in a user/design perspective and resource/engineering perspective.

How do you prioritize collaboration across teams in your design process?

I guess this process really depends on the project manager you are working with. There are procedures of evaluations that need to be done first before sending the finalized design to the stakeholders. Some teams meet daily, weekly, or biweekly; really depending on the project manager.

How do you think diverse voices and perspectives make the design process stronger?

It is important to understand how your design will work in a user/design perspective and resource/engineering perspective. These constraints are vital so we can create “MVPs” and save the more promising/complex designs for future iterations. These MVPs will also help with research and testing to refine any iterations to fit the user needs and/or experience.

RHEL design

Library page
The Documentation Library is intended to be a documentation directory for customers to browse through. Ideally, this will help customers find what they need when they are unsure of where to start. Customers look for documentation with intention and the library page will give more guided navigation to their end results.

How does your design work contribute to the creation of helpful and accessible experiences?

Since my main focus for CXD is documentation, I am creating new ways for customers to find documentation and make it easier and faster for them to get to what they need. I am always thinking of the customer in mind to help them!

What does open design mean to you?

I believe open design means that you can explore different possibilities and allow others to collaborate ideas with you. Be able to use and iterate designs that are already done by previous work.